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Charged with soliciting a prostitute in Arizona? You need to speak with experienced Phoenix sex solicitation attorney to protect your rights now! An experienced sex solicitation defense lawyer knows how to investigate your case, prepare your defense strategy, and fight your solicitation charges. We understand your needs and the pain or suffering you must be going through right now. We are here and we can help.

At Snader Law Group, our Phoenix criminal defense attorney Howard Snader has successfully defended clients from sex solicitation, prostitution charges, and other sex crimes. As a former prosecutor and a board-certified criminal law specialist, he knows how the Arizona criminal process works, understands how prosecutors think, and can find the defense strategy for your case. If you’re facing a solicitation charge, schedule a consultation now to defend your rights today!

Why do I need a sex solicitation attorney in Phoenix?

If you’re facing a sex solicitation charge, your first contact should be with an experienced Phoenix sex solicitation attorney. A strong defense strategy can successfully defend against prostitution and solicitation charges. Without assistance from an experienced defense lawyer, you may not be able to avoid the worst outcome in your case. But with the help of a good Phoenix sex solicitation lawyer, you can evaluate and gather the evidence you need to get your case dismissed, negotiate a plea deal, or get the best outcome for your case.

Solicitation of prostitution refers to the act of soliciting or requesting a sexual act in exchange for money or other something of value. Sexual activity here is defined as vaginal or anal intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, masturbation, sodomy or bestiality. It’s important to understand that requesting a prostitute for sex might be defined in a number of ways. For example, asking someone to engage in a sex act for a fee, or coordinating an arrangement that leads to a criminal sex act can be considered solicitation of prostitution.

Is solicitation of prostitution a sex crime in Arizona?

Technically, solicitation of prostitution is not an Arizona sex crime. However, it is still a criminal offense outlined in ARS § 13-3214 and the Phoenix Municipal Code Section 23-52. If you need help defending against solicitation, prostitution, or sex charges in Arizona, speak with our Phoenix sex crime attorney today.

What are the penalties for soliciting prostitution?

Most cities have their own ordinances when it comes to solicitation of prostitution. Under the Phoenix Municipal Code, a conviction for solicitation of prostitution is a Class 1 misdemeanor, with increasing penalties for depending on the number of prior offenses.

  • First Offense – penalty of at least 15 consecutive days in jail, court-ordered education or treatment program, and possible fines at the discretion of the court.
  • Second Offense -penalty of at least 30 consecutive days in jail, court-ordered education or treatment program, mandatory fee of $2,000, and possible fines at the discretion of the court.
  • Third Offense – penalty of at least 60 consecutive days in jail, court-ordered education or treatment program, mandatory fee of $2,250, and possible fines at the discretion of the court.
  • Fourth and Subsequent Offenses – penalty of at least 180 consecutive days in jail, court-ordered education or treatment program, mandatory fee of $,2500, and possible fines at the discretion of the court.

What is the punishment for solicitation of prostitution involving minors?

The punishments are harsher if a minor was involved in the solicitation charge you were convicted for. For example, the minimum punishment for a conviction for sex solicitation involving a minor is bumped to at least six months of imprisonment, court-ordered education program, and fines up to the discretion of the court, but not exceeding the maximum amount for Class 1 misdemeanors.

If you don’t want your life ruined by sex solicitation charges, call our Phoenix sex solicitation lawyer at Snader Law Group. We take your criminal charges personally, and we’re not afraid to fight to defend your freedom.

What are the defenses for solicitation of prostitution?

You can defend against sex solicitation charges by arguing that you did not solicit prostitution, or that there was no offer or intent to pay or compensate the other persona for engaging in sexual activity. However, you need seasoned Phoenix sex solicitation defense attorneys on your side to gather witness testimonies, evaluate evidence, and represent you in court to aggressively and effectively defend against your charges.

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