“I retained Howard almost 1 year ago to the date, I was stressed, anxious and nervous about my felony charge…” …that had gone through the courts and was dropped to a misdemeanor and then as of yesterday was informed that my case had been dismissed! Howard and his team were professional, gave good advice over the past year and worked well with me communicating and a payment plan so I could be properly represented. I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs a great defense attorney and is very knowledgeable. Overall a good experience and there was always someone at their office to speak to any time. Thanks again for your help! Jeff Stebbins - Google Review
“Howard Snader is as genuine as they come.” He is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix and although I have never needed to use his services (Thank God!) I know people that have. Howard is extremely knowledgeable and can provide you with the best defense in Arizona. He is willing to put in the time and is extremely good at what he does. If you get caught up with the law and you need the best, call The Law Offices of Howard A. Snader! Jason turnquist - google review
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“Howard Snader is a very conscientious and-working man.” I have never had to use his services (thank goodness) but I do know people that have and he did a great job! Howard’s extensive knowledge of the law and exceptional defense abilities really get the job done. He always says his card is the one to have that you actually hope you never have to use. I know who I will call if I’m ever in a jam: Snader Law group! Cynthia fick - google review
"Howard is defending a family member and doing a very good job." Howard is defending a family member and doing a very good job. Howard has written a book BUSTED that is a MUST READ especially if you live in ARIZONA. I have read this book and it enlighten me to some shocking facts about the legal system in ARIZONA. It’s about the police and the court system and what can happen to you is shocking! I will post a review of my family member after it’s over and what you can expect to happen if you are charged with this! WILLIAM CALAMUSA
"I cannot thank Howard and his firm enough!" Immediately after I was arrested I called USCCA. They referred me to Howard. Without hesitation, he called me on a Sunday! Then we met on Monday to go over my case. Howard was very through and explained everything in detail. I feel confident my case is in the right hands. (Still on going, will let you know outcome)... UPDATE: I received a call this morning from a Detective on my case. The detective was calling to inform me that there would be no court on the 13th because ALL FELONY CHARGES WERE DISMISSED!! (And I could go pick up my gun from the police department). I cannot thank Howard and his firm enough! If you find yourself in any legal trouble, I highly recommend Howard! XTREME SCREAMZ
"The best in the business and honest and sincere." Howard Snader is a very experienced professional with loads of experience in criminal law. Give him a call for a consultation and he will help lead you in the right direction, even without a retainer. The best in the business and honest and sincere. anthony ray
"Thankfully I was able to win in court and stay safe." Mr. Snader and his excellent assistant took the time to explain things in detail and were very thorough. After some discussion I had greater understanding of the circumstance. Due to their assistance I was able to receive the help I needed. Thankfully I was able to win in court and stay safe. Previous client
"Fantastic Criminal Defense Lawyer!" I know Howard is perhaps the most organized and efficient criminal defense lawyer I know. His attention to detail and ability to work out amazing deals is one that the whole criminal defense bar looks to. Jason K.
"If we ever had to and I would definitely refer them to one of our friends or family" Very sweet people, very welcoming and understanding, but also very upfront about what they do. There's no BS involved with them we had such an amazing experience and we would use them again if we ever had to and I would definitely refer them to one of our friends or family. Katie Starck
"I highly recommend Howard and appreciate his work." Howard and his team do great work and take care of everything for you. I highly recommend Howard and appreciate his work. Travis Linder - Google Review
"Outstanding would be an understatement. They truly care." They answer their phone and e-mails. Excellent communication. 5-stars! Aimee Szwalla - google review