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Phoenix Child Molestation Attorney

A child sexual abuse charge is severe in Arizona. The social stigma and damage to your reputation with accusations of child molestation can be overwhelming and devastating.

If you or a loved one has been charged with child abuse in Arizona, you need to speak with a skilled Phoenix criminal defense attorney immediately.

At Snader Law Group, we have extensive knowledge of Arizona criminal laws and experience representing clients who have been charged as a perpetrator of child sex abuse and other criminal offenses.

We are ready to defend you against any type of sexual assault offense including public indecency, child sexual abuse, child sexual assault, prostitution, and other child sex abuse crime charges. We will help you increase your chances of securing a reduction in sentence, a dismissal, or an acquittal of your charges.

Contact us now and schedule an initial consultation if you are accused of any sexual assault charge. Our team of experienced Arizona criminal defense attorneys can help you understand your legal options and protect your rights.

Snader Law Group is a criminal defense law firm specializing in sexual assault charges. We have years of experience helping clients fight for their innocence.

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Why Do I Need a Child Molestation Attorney in Arizona?

A child molestation accusation can instantly and substantially impact your life. If you’ve been charged as a perpetrator in molesting a child, it is crucial to consult our credible Phoenix child abuse attorney at Snader Law Group to help you understand the charges for the perpetrator and work toward the best possible outcome of your case.

Our criminal defense law firm specializes in the defense of sexual assault allegations and the majority of these involve alleged child molestation offenses. When you hire us to defend you against your child sex abuse charge, our legal team will diligently review your case, search for sufficient evidence, and negotiate with the prosecution.

We are motivated by our unyielding desire to prove the innocence of anyone falsely accused of such serious crimes. We will represent you and fight for your rights and future.

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Phoenix child molestation attorneyAccording to Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-1410, a perpetrator commits molestation of a child by intentionally or knowingly engaging in or causing a person to engage in sexual assault with a child under fifteen years of age.

Sexual assault contact means any direct or indirect act of touching, fondling, or manipulating any part of the genitals or anus by any part of the body or by any object or causing a person to engage in this conduct.

If sexual intercourse or oral sex abuse occurs between a minor under the age of 15 and an adult, the charges for the perpetrator would be elevated to “sexual conduct with a minor” which carries even harsher penalties under Arizona law.

Furthermore, touching the female breast is not considered child abuse. It is considered child sexual abuse and carries different penalties than child abuse.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with sexual assault, our knowledgeable Phoenix child sexual abuse lawyers can evaluate your sexual assault case and explore your legal options.

The law firm of Snader Law Group, LLC has represented hundreds of clients in sexual assault and child sex abuse cases throughout the country. We have a 100% success rate with sexual assault cases. We are known for our attention to detail, knowledge of the law, skill at handling demanding clients, commitment to defending your rights and ability to work with you as an advocate throughout the legal process.

We understand that every case is different and we take pride in our ability to provide compassionate care during this difficult time. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or abused, please contact us immediately so we can begin working on your behalf today!

What are the Penalties for Child Sexual Abuse in Arizona?

Child sexual assault carries heavy consequences and is subject to severe penalties under Arizona’s mandatory sentencing laws. Therefore, you must consult a reliable child sexual abuse attorney in Phoenix to handle your sexual abuse case evaluation.

The law can penalize you through a mandatory prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sex abuse offender if you are found guilty of child abuse.

In Arizona, child sexual abuse is a Class Two (2) felony, and considered a Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC), which carries the following punishment for every conviction:

  • If the victim was under 12 years of age, you would go to prison for 35 years if convicted
  • If the victim was between 12 and 14, you would go to prison for 10 to 24 years if convicted
  • If the victim was between 15 and 17, you could go to prison (no mandatory sentence)

If convicted of one previous predicate felony (which includes a prior DCAC, among other serious felonies), then the range of punishment can extend to:

  • Minimum twenty-one (21) years
  • Presumptive twenty-eight (28) years
  • Maximum thirty-five (35) years

When the state of Arizona convicts you of a dangerous crime against children, you must serve your entire prison term. It is not possible to secure early release for these types of crimes. Probation is not possible if you are charged as a perpetrator of the sexual abuse of a child.

In addition, it is also essential to understand that if you are convicted of two counts of sexual abuse, your prison sentences cannot run concurrently; they have to run consecutively, with a minimum of at least 20 years being served in prison and all other punishments double in their ranges.

What are the Defenses for Child Sexual Assault?

Defending a charge of child sexual abuse requires in-depth investigation and analysis of all the facts and circumstances of the case evaluation. It is also important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, so you may be able to avoid conviction or even get the criminal charges dropped if the prosecutor assigned to your case lacks sufficient evidence.

Unfortunately, false accusations of child sexual abuse happen. It has been known that during or following a divorce, one spouse accuses another spouse of using a charge of child sexual assault as leverage in a custody dispute.

In some cases, a rebellious teenager can make false sexual abuse allegations to seek attention or to remove one of the parents from the home.

Every criminal case is different, especially when a child sexual abuse crime is charged. When you are facing sexual abuse charges, you should seek legal representation from a competent Phoenix AZ child sexual abuse attorney to help you build an effective defense strategy to get the criminal charges reduced and penalties minimized. Some of the most commonly used child molestation defenses include:

  • Arguing that the touching was accidental
  • Challenging the accuser’s identification, suggesting mistaken identity
  • Raising the lack of sexual interest defense
  • Suggesting that another adult committed the sexual harassment
  • Arguing that the prosecutor has no DNA evidence
  • Mitigating results of a private polygraph test and psychosexual risk assessment
  • Positing that the accuser was coached to allege sexual abuse
  • Using experts to counter the government’s child sexual abuse expert
  • Challenging whether an area touched constitutes “genitals” under the statute, as it is not defined in Arizona law
  • Challenging the alleged victim’s account of what happened through cross-examination

Challenges in Defending Against Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Defending against allegations of child sex abuse can pose several unique challenges. It’s a highly emotional legal process, and the path to putting forth an appropriate defense strategy requires not only thorough legal knowledge but also significant tactfulness. Here’s why these cases are particularly complex:

Emotional Turmoil

The case inherently involves deep-seated emotions and psychological stress for everyone involved, including defendants, alleged victims, their families, and also the legal parties representing both sides. For defendants, their life and freedom is on the line, and this can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Additionally, their reputation and relationships with their families can be damaged or destroyed, which makes this process even more difficult.

Questioning a Victim

Another challenging aspect is striking the delicate balance between questioning a victim’s account and coming across as aggressive. The jury and judge will be wary of perceived bullying or coercion, even if it’s coming from the defense attorney and not the defendant.

Difficult to Prove Something Didn’t Happen

As is the case in most situations, it’s particularly challenging to prove that something didn’t happen unless you have an alibi showing that you were somewhere else at the time of the incident. Child sex abuse cases often involve multiple alleged instances and can be alleged to have occurred many years prior, so alibis are difficult and not often effective.

A Lawyer Will Know The Best Steps To Take

Despite these challenges, an experienced lawyer can skillfully manage the complexities involved in such sensitive cases. They know how to present their client’s defense effectively without seeming overly aggressive. Every case differs in its nuances, but an experienced Phoenix child molestation lawyer will know the ideal approach to take.

Responding to Child Abuse Accusations

Being accused of child abuse is undoubtedly frightening and emotionally overwhelming. However, handling these accusations appropriately from the outset is crucial. Here are some steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation:

Remain Calm

Remaining calm when confronted with child abuse allegations is essential. Emotional overreactions could potentially worsen your situation by painting an unfavorable impression before law enforcement officers or other authorities are involved.

Remain Silent

Even more importantly, always remember to exercise your right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and often will, be used against you in court proceedings or during investigations. Without having an attorney present when making statements about allegations, there’s a higher likelihood of unintentionally saying something that may incriminate you or provide damaging information that impedes your defense later on.

Your silence doesn’t express guilt but gives you the opportunity to express your version of events when and where it can be most beneficial for your defense, generally under the guidance of an attorney.

Avoid Contact With the Alleged Victim

It’s critical that you don’t try to reach out or initiate contact with the alleged victim under any circumstances. Even if your intentions are solely to try to rectify the situation, this could complicate your case significantly. Interactions can be easily misconstrued, potentially causing more harm than good by damaging your defense strategy later in court or even leading to additional charges against you.

Hire an Attorney Immediately

The moment accusations of child abuse surface against you is the right time to seek the services of an experienced defense attorney. This should be your immediate priority, as promptly obtained legal help boosts your chance at successfully contesting charges against you. Your lawyer will provide you with invaluable guidance on navigating every stage of the case – right from early interactions with law enforcement to any eventual court appearances.

Child abuse allegations are serious and scary to face, but don’t assume that all hope is lost. You have the right to defend yourself.

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Being accused of child sexual abuse and being labelled a sexual abuse offender in Arizona is a highly humiliating, traumatic, and disturbing experience because of its potential long-term consequences.

A child molestation conviction could ruin your reputation, family life, and career. The charges of this crime are severe and can change your life forever.

If you or a loved one have been falsely accused of sexually molesting a child, consult our seasoned Phoenix child molestation lawyer at Snader Law Group immediately.

Our Arizona criminal law firm handles numerous cases related to sexual abuse. We apply our knowledge, skills, and experience toward achieving a favourable result in your criminal case.

Our legal team will investigate the facts of your case and determine the possible defenses that can be used in court. We are devoted to obtaining an acquittal or not guilty verdict and helping you avoid mandatory sentences and the most severe punishments of a criminal conviction in Arizona. We are dedicated to working hard to see that your reputation and rights are protected.

We understand that your reputation is essential, and we will do everything we can to protect it. That’s why we offer a dedicated team of Phoenix child molestation attorneys who are committed to seeing that your rights are protected. Contact us today for your free case consultation.