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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

When you’re charged with a crime in Arizona, everything is at stake. Even your first criminal conviction could land you in prison. Without help from an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney, you’re putting your job, your home, and your family in danger.

Whatever charges you’re facing, Snader Law Group is here to defend you. We take your criminal charges personally. Our Arizona board-certified criminal attorney Howard Snader can provide the aggressive and proactive defense you need to protect your rights today.

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can I still get a divorce if I don’t know where my spouse is to serve with papers?


If you’ve been charged with a crime in Arizona, your freedom is at risk. If convicted, it will be difficult to find a job or enjoy the freedom that you have now. Don’t walk away from your criminal case without speaking with a defense attorney first. Call us today to speak with a Phoenix criminal lawyer who will fight for your rights and protect your freedom.

How We Can Help

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence Charges

Unfairly charged with domestic violence? Defend yourself against false DV allegations with legal assistance from our Phoenix domestic violence lawyer.
Learn More About Domestic Violence Charges

Sex Crime

Sex Crime Charges

Facing years in prison & sex offender registration for sexual exploitation of a minor? Call an experienced Phoenix sex crime lawyer to get help now.
Learn More About Sex Crime Charges

Aggravated Assault Charges

Aggravated Assault Charges

Charged with assault? We have Phoenix aggravated assault lawyers to fight difficult aggravated assault charges in Arizona.
Learn More About Aggravated Assault Charges

Theft Charges

Theft Charges

Arrested for theft in Arizona? Find out how our Phoenix property crimes lawyers can help you defend and protect your freedom today.
Learn More About Theft Charges

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Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being accused of a crime is an extremely challenging experience. Without the assistance of a seasoned defense lawyer, you’re prone to making mistakes that can result in your conviction. You’ll suffer the consequences of a conviction, such as:
  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Trouble getting a security clearance
  • Losing your professional license
  • Being known as “the guy who went to jail”
Even if you do not go to jail in Phoenix, a criminal conviction can have the same lasting consequences. Don’t forget about fines, fees, restitution, and other costly criminal penalties you will have to pay.  If you don’t want to risk your freedom, you need an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to help you prepare an aggressive and effective defense for your case. Call us now to get started on your defense strategy!

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Don’t Gamble with Your Freedom. You Can Afford the Best Criminal Defense!

You may think that an experienced criminal defense lawyer is beyond your financial reach. You may be tempted to go the free, public defender route, but why? As the premier criminal law firm in Phoenix, we believe that everyone deserves the best criminal defense. That is why we offer EASY FINANCING with NO CREDIT CHECK and NO INTEREST! You can pay your legal fees off monthly by making small, affordable payments.

Arizona Family Law Attorney

When Family Matters Become Legal Matters

Divorce in Phoenix is never easy, but when your divorce involves children or domestic violence, it can devastate you and your family for years. Our Phoenix Family Law Attorney has experience with tough Phoenix divorce cases. We know how to bring your case to the fastest possible conclusion while protecting your kids and preserving your rights and interest in marital property.

Total Commitment to You

We are committed to our clients and their families. We will provide the highest quality family law representation available in Phoenix, Arizona. Our tough but fair approach delivers results even in the most complex family law divorce cases.

Personalized Legal Strategy

We take the time to truly listen to your concerns then, we craft a family law legal strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce and child custody case. Every family law case is unique so you need a Phoenix Family Law Attorney who will personalize your divorce representation.

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Solutions for your Situation

Child Support

Phoenix Child Support Lawyer

Our Phoenix child support lawyer will help you to remain in emotional control thus, allowing you to think and to act in the best interest of your children
Learn More About Child Support

Child Custody

Phoenix Child Custody Attorney

Our Phoenix child custody lawyer can help you develop a plan that is in the best interest of your children and is easier to deal with in the long term.
Learn More About Child Custody

Spousal Maintenance

Phoenix Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

A spousal maintenance lawyer in Phoenix can help you to establish or modify an order for spousal maintenance.
Learn More About Spousal Maintenance

Property Division

Phoenix Property Division Lawyer

Arizona is a community property state. Essentially, this means that assets and debts that the parties accumulate during the marriage belong equally to both spouses.
Learn More About Property Division


Phoenix Divorce Lawyer

A Phoenix family lawyer can help you to see past the emotions, hurt, and anger to bring about a fair and equitable resolution in your divorce case.
Learn More About Divorce

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Ask a Phoenix Arizona Family Law Attorney

Do you have questions about a family law matter? We love to answer questions about child custody, child support, and divorce in Phoenix. Give us a call or click below to ask a Phoenix family law attorney about your situation now.

Howard A. Snader

Howard A. Snader

Phoenix Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney
Learn More About Howard

Phoenix Criminal Defense LAWYER & FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY

Meet Howard A. Snader

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Howard A. Snader is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal law specialist with more than 30 years of experience defending good people accused of serious misdemeanors and felonies in Arizona. He is one of the most trusted, most qualified Arizona criminal lawyers, and is often regarded as the best criminal defense attorney in Phoenix. No matter what crime you’ve been accused of, Howard and his team will provide the best criminal defense available in your situation. Many Phoenix criminal defense lawyers have practiced criminal law for years, but have only been to trial a couple of times. Some have never even represented someone in a criminal trial because they push their clients to take the first plea deal that comes along. If freedom is your goal, you should know that Howard won’t try to force you into a plea deal that isn’t right for you. He isn’t afraid to take a good case to trial. In fact, he has successfully represented clients in scores of criminal trials. Howard’s aggressive defense strategies are proven effective. His care and compassion for his clients make him the choice when you need the right Phoenix defense attorney by your side. If you have been charged with a sex crime, domestic violence, drug or weapons charges, or aggravated assault, Howard Snader is widely considered the top Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney.

Practice Areas

Our board-certified criminal law specialist and Phoenix criminal defense attorney defends clients from a wide variety of criminal charges in Phoenix, Avondale, and more areas in Arizona.

Domestic Violence

When you have been accused of an act of domestic violence in Phoenix, get ready for your life to change unless you hire an experienced Phoenix domestic violence lawyer. Arizona courts take domestic violence charges very seriously and Arizona criminal law is very tough on those convicted of domestic violence. If you are charged with domestic violence in Phoenix, you will likely be charged with:
Along with these charges, you can expect to be barred from possessing a firearm, even if it is required for your job. It may also affect your child custody and visitation rights. Allegations of domestic violence are often false. The accuser is often the aggressor and the accused acted in self-defense. However, the system will usually favor the accuser leaving the accused feeling like they have been convicted without a trial. If you’re facing DV charges or dealing with orders of protection in Arizona, the right Phoenix criminal lawyer can make the difference between jail time and family time. Call us now to take action and defend your rights today.

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Aggravated Assault

Under Arizona criminal law, assault is a misdemeanor. However, the enhanced charge of aggravated assault is a serious felony charge that comes with up to a 20-year sentence in Arizona state prison. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is charged whenever any object that is potentially deadly is used to threaten or inflict injury on another. The aggravated assault enhancement is often added to other criminal charges associated with Arizona felony charges like
  • Sexual Assault
  • Robbery
  • Assault on a Police Officer
The aggravated assault enhancement can also be added if the assault was committed while an order of protection was in place. If you have been charged with aggravated assault in Phoenix, you need an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney to fight for you. We can defend you from violent crime charges, such as:

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Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

Sexual exploitation of a minor in Arizona and sexual abuse of a child are serious felonies. Child sex crime allegations in Phoenix are particularly difficult to defend. The only witness is often the child victim, who are susceptible to the influence of others. The problem is the “others” may be an ex-spouse or ex-girlfriend seeking revenge for a bad breakup or other reasons. Bringing truth and clarity to a sex abuse case requires an experienced Phoenix sex crime attorney or you may end up spending years behind bars and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Sexual exploitation of a minor, also known a possession of child pornography in Phoenix, is another Arizona sex crime that has serious consequences. In this digital age, your computer or other device is vulnerable to viruses and is often accessible by others who may introduce images or videos of people who appear to be minors engaged in sex acts. If your Phoenix criminal defense attorney has little or no experience in these types of cases, you are likely to be doing time and be required to register as a sex offender in Arizona. Don’t risk your freedom! Call us today to schedule a consultation and start working on your defense. We have experience defending clients from various sex crime charges, including:

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Drug Crimes

Arizona criminal law imposes harsh penalties on drug crimes. If you’re facing a drug charge in Arizona, the odds aren’t in your favor. Whether it’s for marijuana, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances, you can be charged with: You need a seasoned Phoenix defense lawyer to have a fighting chance in your drug case. At Snader Law Group, we can help you stay out of jail and prevent your reputation from being damaged by a drug conviction. Call us to talk to our Phoenix drug crime attorney today!

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Theft & Property Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for robbery or burglary charges, you should keep in mind that theft and property crimes can have long-lasting consequences. Whether you’ve already been charged with these offenses or if you’re being investigated for them, a conviction in Arizona can ruin your life in many ways. But it doesn’t need to! Having a skilled Phoenix property crime lawyer fighting on your side ensures that justice is served fairly. Call us today to schedule a consultation and get help with your charges!

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Secrets Cops and Prosecutors
Don’t Want You to Know

Finally, the answers you’ve been looking for!

Board Certified Expert in Criminal Law for nearly 30 years and former prosecutor, Howard A. Snader, uncovers the secrets you need to know if you’ve had a recent run-in with the law.

Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Why Choose Our Phoenix Criminal Defense Law Firm

When you choose Snader Law Group, you know that you’re in good hands. With over 30 years of experience defending criminal cases in Arizona, we have both the knowledge and experience to craft a strong defense for your case.

Aggressive & Proactive Defense Strategy

We pride ourselves on our aggressive criminal defense strategy and our compassion and understanding of our client’s circumstances. That is why we say, “We take your criminal charges personally.”

Compassionate Legal Representation

At Snader Law Group, we don't treat you as just a case. We take your case personally, and we will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Ask our clients, and you'll hear how they felt treated like a close friend or family member at our firm.

Proven Track Record in Defending Criminal Cases

We have thousands of criminal defense success stories, and we know how to apply our previous experiences to your unique situation. You don't have to face your charge in fear; we'll be here to guide you throughout your case.

Defending with Your Best Interest in Mind

We promise to give you the best possible criminal defense and to always put your interests first. We’ll never roll over and take the first plea deal that comes along just to end your case and pocket your money. We don’t deal unless it is the best possible solution for you. More About Snader Law Group

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Don't Plead Guilty. Talk to a Lawyer Now!

If you have been arrested in Phoenix for a felony or serious misdemeanor like domestic violence, aggravated assault, sexual assault, child exploitation of a minor, or other criminal charges, you have questions only a criminal law specialist can answer. Give us a call or click below to ask a lawyer now!

From Our Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney