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Phoenix Robbery Lawyer

Choosing the Right Phoenix Robbery Lawyer

In Arizona criminal laws, robbery involves taking another’s property by using or by threatening the use of force or by coercing a person to turn over property against his will. All robbery charges are felonies, which means a conviction can send you to prison for at least a year and as much as 10 years for a first offense, and up to 21 years with enhancements, depending on the circumstances of the crime. If you have a prior record, a skilled Phoenix robbery attorney will inform you that you are facing a long sentence, which, depending on the circumstances, could be as much as 35 years. At Snader Law Group, we go beyond just informing you regarding the charges, we do our best to make sure we understand your unique situation so that we can arrive at the best solution.

Because these penalties are so harsh, with the potential to deny you your freedom and put your life on hold for a long time, you should use every means at your disposal to fight the charges by hiring the best Arizona criminal defense lawyer you can get.

Types of Robbery Charges in Arizona

Types of robbery charges include:

  • Simple robbery, a Class 4 felony
  • Aggravated robbery (robbery by more than one person), a Class 3 felony
  • Armed robbery (robbery with a weapon, whether real or fake), a Class 2 felony

If you are facing these serious charges, you are undoubtedly feeling anxious, fearful, and apprehensive about your future. But remember, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a high standard of proof. A good defense lawyer has many tools that can be used to fight robbery charges.

Defenses to Robbery Charges

A skilled and experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney will investigate the circumstances of the incident and your arrest and work with you to determine the most effective strategy for your defense. These might relate to the specifics of the alleged robbery, the manner in which the police handled the investigation and arrest, the validity of evidence, or credibility of witnesses.

These are some potential defenses to a robbery charge:

  • Evidence was obtained by an unlawful search or improperly executed search warrant.
  • You were illegally detained.
  • The police failed to advise you of your Miranda rights.
  • A relationship existed between you and the alleged victim giving rise to a dispute about who owned the property in question.
  • If the charge is armed robbery, the alleged weapon was not actually used to threaten or coerce.
  • The evidence was not preserved properly.
  • Witnesses or victim are not credible.
  • Police reports are inaccurate.

Choose the Right Robbery Lawyer in Phoenix

Because your future and that of your family depend on the quality of your defense, you need to choose your Phoenix robbery lawyer wisely. Clearly, this is no time to rely on an overworked public defender. Hire a private attorney with the time and commitment to giving your case the focused attention it deserves. Look for these characteristics when making a selection:

  • Only one area of practice: criminal defense
  • Many years of experience
  • Experience on the other side of the fence as a prosecutor
  • Arizona Bar Board Certification in Criminal Law
  • Top AVVO rating

Top Ranked Robbery Defense Attorney in Maricopa County

If you are unfortunate enough to be facing robbery charges in Arizona, you should know that the prosecution will be working hard to obtain a conviction. Attorney Howard Snader understands the way these cases are prosecuted and how decisions are made, because he is a former prosecutor himself, and has a nuanced understanding of the way the criminal justice system works, an understanding that he will use to your advantage.  He is a Criminal Law Specialist, Board Certified by the Bar of the State of Arizona since 1995, and he has earned the highest possible AVVO rating—10 (Superb). He has obtained dismissals, reductions of charges, and full acquittals at trial for innumerable clients who are enjoying their freedom today because of his efforts. A firm believer in the Constitutional guarantees which are contained in the Bill of Rights, Howard defends the Constitution when he secures the individual rights of every client he represents.

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