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Level One Arizona Sex Offenders

The State of Arizona uses a sex offender registry classification system to rank offenders from lowest to highest risk of reoffending. Level One sex offenders are at the lowest level. Individuals assigned to this level must still register as sex offenders, but their information will not be circulated through the community notification process.

What Are the Classifications of Sex Offenders in Arizona?

Any sex offender who is required to register with the state is assigned to one of three levels of risk:

  1. Level One is assigned to people who have the lowest determined odds of reoffending, or committing additional sexual offenses in the future. 
  2. Level Two sex offenders are deemed to present a moderate risk of reoffending
  3. Level Three individuals are viewed as having a high risk of reoffending and are classified as potential threats to public safety.

During a sex offender assessment screening, 19 factors will be analyzed to give an overall score that calculates the risk of the individual reoffending.

What Does It Mean to Be a Level One Sex Offender in Arizona?

Being given the designation of a Level One sex offender means that while you have been convicted of a sexual offense in Arizona, you do not have to undergo the often humiliating process of public or community notification. Crimes such as sexual exploitation, sexual assault, sexual conduct with a minor and child sex trafficking could result in sex offender registration.

Depending on the nature of your alleged offense, you most likely will not be listed in the online database of registered sex offenders that is maintained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety with a Level One designation. If your crime involved a minor or sexual assault, however, your name may be visible in the public online database.

Will the Community Be Notified About a Level One Sex Offender?

As a Level One sex offender, you must still re-register your name with the state each year. In addition, your driver’s license will show that you are a registered sex offender. Local law enforcement personnel will be made aware of your presence in the community, but the public (including prospective employers) will not be notified. If you move in with someone, law enforcement has the right to notify this person of your sex offender designation.

Arizona Revised Statute 13-3827 created an online website for the purpose of making sex offender information available to the public. However, only the information of individuals who are determined to be Level Two or Three sexual offenders is included on the website, with some exceptions. The entries on the website will include the individual’s name, current address and photograph.

Seek Legal Advice for Specific Information About Level One Sex Offenders

If you or someone you love is facing charges for an alleged sexual offense in Arizona, it is critical to consult with a sex crime defense lawyer in Phoenix who specializes in this practice area right away. Your defense attorney will protect your rights and ensure your fair treatment in the criminal justice system throughout every phase of your case.  

The right attorney will provide important emotional support, reassurance and peace of mind during this stressful and overwhelming time. Your lawyer will also give you key information about Arizona’s sex offender registration system and what to expect from the risk assessment process. Finally, if you are assigned the status of Level One Sex Offender, your lawyer can help you understand what this might mean for your lifestyle and future.