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Proving A Sexual Abuse Case

Sexual Abuse Charges in Phoenix Arizona “Sexual abuse” is a crime in Arizona. Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-1404 provides that a person commits the crime of sexual abuse by “knowingly engaging in sexual contact with any person who is fifteen or more years of age without the consent of that

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Challenging Coerced Confession

A Three-Prong Strategy to Challenging a Coerced Confession A coerced confession makes things difficult when accused of committing a crime, but is all hope of avoiding conviction lost?  Not necessarily.  A confession can be very difficult evidence to overcome.  However, in some cases, the confession can be kept out of evidence

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Expungement, Diversion, Dismissal

Poor Choices Young Adults Are Bound To Make As college is about to begin for the multitude of young people leaving home for the first time, police, prosecutors and courts are gearing up for the usual arrests and prosecutions that take place this time of year. In the old days,

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Defenses To Sex Crimes Against Children

Facing Charges of Sex Crimes Against Minors Arizona has passed several laws prohibiting specified sexual conduct toward minors, including: indecent exposure; public sexual indecency to a minor; sexual abuse; sexual conduct with a minor; and molestation of a child. Conviction for violation of some of these statutes results in serious

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FALSE CONFESSIONS: Don’t Speak to Police

What You Should Know About False Confessions Why were you speaking with the police in the first place? You rarely (I mean winning the lottery rare) will convince an officer of your innocence. If you ask any attorney, the first things they say are “DON’T TALK TO POLICE” and “DON’T

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Proving Aggravated Assault

Prove Aggravated Assault: What the Prosecution Must Do Arizona law classifies assault as either misdemeanor assault or felony aggravated assault. Aggravated assault covers a very broad range of conduct, constituting class 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 felonies. While all charges of aggravated assault are serious felonies, the elements the

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Aggravated Assault Defenses Arizona

Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Aggravated Assault Defenses Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-1204 is a complicated statute setting out numerous forms of aggravated assault. Depending on the specific nature of the charges, conviction results in sentencing for either a class 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 felony. Punishment may include incarceration,

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Domestic Violence in Arizona

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Arizona

Why You Need A Domestic Violence Lawyer in Arizona Domestic violence in Arizona is a serious allegation. As with all states, Arizona has a particular set of laws that dictate what penalties apply in these situations. With domestic violence being reported at an alarming rate, it is more important than

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