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Fighting Aggravated Assault Charges in Arizona

November 9, 2023

Defending Yourself from Arizona Aggravated Assault Charges Getting arrested for assault and facing a misdemeanor or felony charge does not mean you’re already convicted of a criminal offense. Aggravated assault differs from other assault charges as it is a serious crime punishable by imprisonment in Arizona. It is normal to feel scared and have a

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Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges in Arizona

Defending Yourself Against Charges of Domestic Violence (DV) in Arizona Arizona Law defines domestic violence as one of several criminal offenses in which the victim is related to the alleged perpetrator by marriage, former marriage or having resided in the same household. Normally “domestic violence” by itself is NOT a crime. Rather, it is a

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Strangulation or Impeded Breathing

Strangulation or Impeded Breathing Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona Domestic violence charges are always serious and often complex cases. Strangulation or choking, when the victim’s ability to breathe has been impeded, is a form of domestic violence that can be charged as a Class 4 Felony in Arizona. A felony charge for Aggravated Assault adds another

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What You Should Know if You are Facing Charges in Arizona

Arizona Criminal Procedure Facing Charges Being charged with a crime is a difficult and terrifying experience. There may be moments when law enforcement officers use intimidation or coercion to get you to act against your best interests. It is important that you have a Phoenix criminal defense attorney throughout the duration of your criminal case.

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