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Phoenix Probation Attorney

How to Successfully Complete Probation

How to Deal with Probation in Arizona Phoenix Probation Attorney Howard Snader of the Snader Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona has been practicing criminal defense for more than 30 years and a board-certified expert in criminal law for more than 25 years. The Snader Law Group has helped thousands of

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criminal defenses in Arizona

Creating a Criminal Defense Strategy

Criminal Defenses In your criminal case, having a solid criminal defense plan is critical. In a criminal process, criminal lawyers will analyze the facts of your case and what successful defense strategies you may use in the courtroom. As a defendant, the prosecutor is likely to be familiar with the

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legal defenses in criminal cases

Common Defenses Argued In Criminal Cases

When a defendant goes on trial for committing a crime, a prosecutor must establish the defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt to charge them for such allegations. The criminal defendant is entitled to present a defense that may or may not support their cause. These claims are considered “defenses” in the

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