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Defending Against False Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

Posted on November 9, 2023 in

child sex abuseChild sex abuse is a serious crime in Arizona. But often, the allegations are false — many are based on inaccurate details and confused memories. However, it can be hard to fight an accusation. It’s important to get a strong sex crimes attorney on your side right when you suspect that you may be under investigation for child sex abuse.

The Law Office of Howard A. Snader has extensive experience helping people defend themselves against false allegations of child sex abuse in Arizona. Call us today to start building your case.

When Do False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse Occur?

In Phoenix, accusations of child sex abuse may come from a child or an adult. Sometimes a child alleges wrongful sexual behavior between themselves and an adult, and other times the parent or caregiver of a child will make allegations. In either situation, it is possible that the accuser is wrong.

Mistaken Identity

Sometimes accusers of child sex abuse have mistaken the identity of the real offender. These situations can be extremely emotional, and sometimes children and adults point to a person who looks like the real offender or who may have been nearby when the sexual abuse occurred in Phoenix. When mistaken identity is the cause of a false accusation, it’s important to conduct a thorough investigation to determine who may be the real offender.

Spiteful Partners

Spiteful spouses and partners sometimes make false allegations of child sex abuse in Phoenix. Their goal may be to gain a favorable situation in an Arizona child custody or visitation case. When you’re going through a difficult divorce, spouses often go to extreme measures to make the other parent look bad. False allegations of child sex abuse are not uncommon in family law cases in Phoenix.

Regardless of the Source, Child Sex Abuse Allegations Are Serious

There are many different sources of false accusations of child sex abuse in Arizona. However, the end result is the same. Your life will be ruined. Even before the court makes charges or seeks a conviction, simple allegations child sex abuse in Phoenix can result in job loss, negative reputation, and unwanted media attention. If you are facing false accusations of child sex abuse, you should immediately contact a lawyer to start developing a strong defense.

We Can Defend Against False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse

A skilled Phoenix child sex abuse lawyer knows there are many ways to defend against false accusations of child sex abuse. We will begin by reviewing police records, including accuser statements and information from any witnesses in Arizona. We will conduct an independent investigation and leave no stone unturned. In addition, we will find weaknesses in the Arizona prosecution’s case and build your defense.

Reviewing Medical Records of the Alleged Victim

Phoenix child sex abuse victims must undergo examination by a medical professional. In many cases, they will collect DNA evidence and send it to an Arizona State crime laboratory. When you hire us, we will review these medical records and carefully evaluate all evidence collected. We will make sure all procedures were strictly followed and make sure your rights were respected throughout the process.

Cross-Examination of Witnesses

Both Arizona prosecutors and defense attorneys can present witnesses in court. However, we will have access to speak with most witnesses prior to any hearings in Phoenix. We will ask questions that the prosecution may miss and find holes in their case. We will work to show that you were falsely accused, and point out that children and witnesses are easily confused.

Psychological Evaluation of the Accuser

Many people who make false allegations in Phoenix suffer from confusion about the events. They may be depressed, anxious, or suffer from another mental instability that caused them to make false accusations.

Phoenix Child Sex Abuse Attorney

If are facing false accusations of child sex abuse, it’s important to immediately seek legal assistance. A skilled Phoenix child sex abuse attorney can make sure to protect your rights and begin building a defense for you. Call The Law Office of Howard A. Snader today at 602-833-1651.