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Why Hiring an Attorney is an Investment Not a Cost

Nearly everything that we do is impacted by the law in some manner, from making a purchase to driving a vehicle to interactions with others.  However, it is evident that we do not need the legal services of a lawyer in all of our everyday interactions. But how can we determine when hiring an attorney

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What You Should Know if You are Facing Charges in Arizona

Arizona Criminal Procedure Facing Charges Being charged with a crime is a difficult and terrifying experience. There may be moments when law enforcement officers use intimidation or coercion to get you to act against your best interests. It is important that you have a Phoenix criminal defense attorney throughout the duration of your criminal case.

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Different Classes of Aggravated Assault Felonies in Phoenix, AZ

Understanding the Different Classifications of Aggravated Assault Felonies in Phoenix, AZ Navigating the different classes of aggravated assault felonies in Phoenix, AZ can be intimidating, with legal complexities and severe penalties involved. In these cases, facts can blur, and what started as a simple incident can snowball into charges with serious consequences like prison time

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