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Arizona Defense Strategies for Domestic Violence

Posted on November 9, 2023 in

Dealing with Charges of Domestic Violence in Arizona

The state law in Arizona defines domestic violence as a criminal offense that often involves child endangerment, spousal abuse, and similar offenses. It includes harassment, physical abuse, rape, or assault with or without a deadly weapon or firearm.

In such a criminal case, the perpetrator may be related to the supposed victim in one way or another. The crime is committed against a family member or someone who is living in the same household and could lead to a criminal conviction. The victim and the accused could have a child together, or one of the parties could also be pregnant with the child of either the victim or the supposed offender.

Marital or family conflicts sometimes do not end with a simple argument. When one of the parties loses control, a verbal conflict may lead to a violent crime. Strong emotions could lead to bodily injury, and, eventually, criminal convictions. What could have been solved without abuse or violence could lead to bodily harm and domestic violence charges. These and related punishments could ruin lives and families.

Without legal representation, you may be sentenced to costly fines, penalties, and imprisonment. Hiring a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience is highly recommended. Get someone who can defend you if you are facing criminal charges involving domestic abuse.

Defense Strategies

 Domestic ViolenceProsecutors are typically unable to dismiss criminal charges at the request of the alleged victim, unlike other forms of violent crimes. A successful defense is important since domestic violence prosecution would likely proceed with a court trial. Some defenses that may be used to reduce punishment (or even dismiss charges against you) for alleged criminal domestic violence include:

  1. Disproving arguments or assertions of the victim
  2. Pointing out a lack of sufficient proof of physical contact or harm
  3. Proving that the argument of the victim was solely vindictive
  4. Arguing that the defendant acted in self-defense
  5. Pointing out a lack of corroborative evidence or witnesses from others
  6. Proving that the defendant protected a loved one
  7. Proving that the fight between the parties are mutual
  8. Pointing out that the accused was defending properties from burglary or robbery

Although it is unlikely for the prosecutor to drop the charges against an individual for such criminal offenses, if the victim does not want to pursue the charges, the district attorney may be compelled not to prosecute. 

To have the best possible outcome, it is important to consult with hands-on criminal defense attorneys. Get someone who will study your case closely and fight for you to reduce or even dismiss the domestic violence charges against you. It would be favorable for you to consult with a criminal defense lawyer specialized in the complexities of these criminal cases. It could be too late if you have already been convicted before you contact the right law firm. Act now.

When dealing with domestic violence charges, seek legal help from criminal defense lawyers who will defend you and prove your innocence against allegations of domestic abuse. Call us at The Law Office of Howard A. Snader, LLC for a case evaluation.