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How Will Criminal Defense Attorney Dismiss or Lessen Criminal Charges?

Posted on November 9, 2023 in

How Will My Criminal Defense Attorney Dismiss or Lessen My Criminal Charges?

If you are facing criminal charges in Phoenix,  Arizona, you may find it unnerving when you discover how much prison time you are up against as soon as you get a guilty verdict.  Do not lose hope. It is rare for people to actually serve the maximum sentence for the charges they are found guilty of.

A good Phoenix criminal defense attorney will be able to give you the best possible chance at having the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

How are Charges Dropped or Dismissed?

An experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney knows that the most basic way to get the charges against you reduced is by having them dropped or dismissed. These are two entirely different processes but the end goal is to remove one or more charges against you.

Evidence is crucial in a criminal case. Your criminal defense attorney may find a way to have your charges dismissed by proving that the evidence against you is inadmissible in the court of law because the way it was gathered was not in accordance with the rules of evidence. Your criminal defense attorney may also show the prosecution that they have no proof to support the charges against you resulting to dropping of charges.

One of the best criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix who may spot the opportunities to have charges dropped or dismissed is Howard Snader. He may be able to keep you from spending time behind bars.

How are Charges Reduced?

A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to reduce your sentence, if, worse comes to worst, the charges against you have not been dropped or dismissed. A plea bargain or plea deal is one of the most common ways to do this.

Unknown to those outside of the legal profession, cases very seldom go to trial. Most smart attorneys would rather enter a plea bargain rather than risk losing the case. Court cases, especially those jury trials you often watch in the movies, can be very unpredictable. A case can end in ways not any of the lawyers involved expect.

As such, prosecutors are often amenable to plea bargains before a trial.  A plea bargain will entail a defendant to enter a guilty plea to a lesser charge than the one originally filed against them, and the more serious charges are dropped. If the prosecution has a weak case, a better plea deal may be possible. If their case is strong, the prosecution may hesitate to make a good offer. It is crucial that your criminal defense attorney is persistent and convincing enough to make them change their mind.

Your experienced criminal defense attorney knows the rules and the procedures to make your plea deal happen.  The prosecution will rather have an assured guilty plea with a lesser charge and sentence than take the risk of an acquittal or mistrial.

What Should I Do First If I Had Been Arrested?

If you have been arrested on a criminal charge, tell the cops you will not talk until you have spoken to your attorney. It is true that anything you say may be used against you so it is smart to wait for legal assistance. Remember to find a criminal defense attorney you can trust. An experienced criminal defense attorney will work with you to have the charges reduced or dismissed. The right attorney will be your best chance to have your case dismissed, charges and sentences lessened, or to get you a “not guilty” decision.

All criminal charges are important, no matter how petty you may think they are. Do not risk trying to defend yourself. Leave it to the legal professionals. Your best bet is one of the esteemed criminal defense lawyers in Phoenix. Talk to Howard Snader for a free initial evaluation of your case.