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Creating a Criminal Defense Strategy

Posted on November 9, 2023 in

Criminal Defenses

In your criminal case, having a solid criminal defense plan is critical. In a criminal process, criminal lawyers will analyze the facts of your case and what successful defense strategies you may use in the courtroom. As a defendant, the prosecutor is likely to be familiar with the facts of the case in which you are the one facing criminal charges.

In some instances, your criminal law attorney will scrutinize the prosecutor in charge of the criminal case, who may reject or affirm the violations leveled against you. Criminal defenses are difficult to deal with, and hiring a skilled lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona, is essential. This is not exclusive to the lawyer per se; as a defendant, you will be grilled by the prosecutor. Hence, an effective criminal defense strategy is essential to prove that you are innocent.

The truth about Criminal Defenses

criminal defenses in Arizona

Axiomatically, criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors can utilize the same side of the case’s background. Consider the global map in this context. Other maps may portray various states in different geographical places divided by black lines. Other maps may depict dark geographical regions divided by bright lights. While they differ in layout, they are both global maps. Thus, it is up to your criminal defense lawyer to manage the case properly and develop the best possible defense. Ultimately, the story should have the following characteristics:


Everything must be founded on factual evidence. For example, the defendant’s vehicle was discovered at the crime scene and was used as a getaway vehicle. You can argue that the car was stolen from the defendant hours before committing the crime.


Obtaining the judge’s sympathy is an excellent characteristic in a criminal trial and hearing. Prove, for example, that the defendant was going to flee the crime before it was carried out. You may argue that the defendant attempted to report the incident to the police to prevent it from happening again.

Support the defendant’s side

There are always two sides to every story. A dispute cannot be determined relatively until both sides are heard in legal practice. If the defendant asserts that he was not there at the crime scene, back up his assertions and offer strong reasons why he was not there. The purpose is to establish that the defendant’s version of events was correct.

Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

After hearing the defendant’s side, now it’s time to have a collaborative plan on how to win a case. Here are some of the most effective Criminal Defense Strategies:


This is a significant factor in proving the defendant’s innocence. Witnesses might often be confused between the perpetrator of a crime and the defendant. Remember that if it is established that someone else committed the crime, the prosecutor’s claim can always be dismissed by the Criminal-court. This tactic is frequently used when the defendant is positive that he did not commit the crime.

Accidental Crime

Accidental crime can also be used as a defense to claim that you did not do the crime on purpose. The procedure is usually unique, based on the state’s criminal laws and penal code. In most circumstances, the United States punishes those who committed a crime deliberately rather than unintentionally. For example, if the defendant accidentally shoots a neighbor, a criminal attorney might argue and establish that it was not intended.

Immediate danger

There are situations when the defendant is the perpetrator of a crime, but he did so because his life was at stake. Although the conduct performed may still be regarded as criminal activity and wrongful, the court will likely erase the charges against you. The appellate court could justify the act if you did it under the influence of a threat.

Beyond reasonable doubt

Everyone is deemed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in all instances. This is the level required for the evidence to be persuasive enough that no reasonable person could prove the defendant’s guilt. An excellent criminal defense attorney can always plead to the judge and everyone in the court that the defendant is not the crime culprit and is thus innocent. They reasonably substantiate each testimony and leave no space for rebuttals.

Police misconduct

Law enforcement officers are only human, and they sometimes make Misdemeanors when conducting case evaluations and investigations. In most circumstances, the police officers either cover up the possible criminal charges or make the defendant appear guilty when they are not. If skilled lawyers at Snader Law Group can determine whether or not there has been police wrongdoing, your case will be tirelessly dismissed.

Double jeopardy

The United States Constitution states that a person cannot be prosecuted twice for the same offense. This part of the criminal defense strategy should be evaluated because it is one of the most important yet sometimes disregarded constitutional rights. If the defendant has already been cleared as not guilty, they cannot be tried for the same crime, even if further evidence is presented. You need to hire an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer who can be well-versed in the facts of your criminal record.

No Crime Occurred

This is one of the most effective defenses resulting in an immediate acquittal and dismissal of the case. For instance, the defendant was charged with the crime of rape. Before the verdict and punishment are made, a defense lawyer must investigate the plaintiff’s side. If they consented to sexual intercourse, the defendant is not committing a crime. The same goes for drug crimes, robbery, traffic violations, and other criminal offenses. Sometimes the plaintiff will deny they gave that consent, but if you have an experienced defense attorney on your side, you will have no trouble defending your innocence.

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